First Naumati Baja Gulmi UK

            A Larger Band, with nine instruments, is termed Naumati Baja (music with nine instruments). They always have nine different pieces instruments but, there are only six types of instruments. Naumati Baja consists all the instruments used in Panche Baja with an addition of two pipe instruments; either Narsingha or Karnal. Narsingha is a long, curved horn like pipe instrument, popular in Central Nepal. Karnal, the Narsingha of Western Nepal is not curved like Narsingha. Karnal is a straight and big-mouthed natural trumpet. In Naumati Baja, there are two Damaha and two Sahanai to make a total of nine instruments which is Nepal's typical musical instruments and using it as a special occasion e.g. marriage celebration and believed using or playing this instrument is symbol of fortune. First Naumati Baja Gulmi UK is the first Band established out side from Nepal.

Naumati consist of 9 instruments (6 different types of instruments):